Syncing shopify product feed with google merchant center - Giving errors & Status is not approved!

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Hi Guys,

Currently, we have created a new subdomain with similar products uploaded on both root domain (Currency - Indian Rupees) and sub-domain (Currency - US Dollar).

While we are syncing shopify product feed with Google Merchant Center, we are getting few common errors for our proucts that are not approved:

  • Barcode GTIN format issue: Confirm barcode was entered correctly.
  • Barcode GTIN format issue: GTIN must be 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits in length.
  • Unknown error: validation/missing_recommended Missing tax information

For few products we are getting below error, while we have filled all fields mentioned here:

  • Title is required for this product.
  • Vendor is required for this product.
  • Image is required for this product.
  • Description is required for this product.
  • Published to online store isn't visible on your online store.

Can someone please help me to solve this isuue? If I remove GTIN information, will it work for us?

Please suggest.

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It most likley something regarding the product setup (invalid gtins, titles/images not populated, etc). Without access to your store or feed setup it would be difficult to investigate. Definitely do not remove your GTIN as it is required by Google. 

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