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Hi friends
how I can add microdata tags to my website

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Here are important steps you can take to create microdata tags using some of Google's tools.

  1. Go to Google's Structure Data Markup Helper tool.
  2. Choose the type of data that you plan to tag.
  3. Paste in the URL of the website page or article you want to tag.
  4.  emphasize and select the type of elements to be tag up.
  5. Continue adding tags items.
  6. Create the HTML.
  7. Use the Tool to find out what your website page will look like with the added tags. You can use the tool to test for any warnings.
  8. Add the generated microdata tags to your website page. If you want you can also add before testing.


There are various tools available to assist you in building and validating your microdata tags.

  • Google Data Highlighter
  • Google Structured Data Markup Helper
  • JSON-LD Schema Generator by Merkle