Temporary Tattoos, How to Target?

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I have a Temporary Tattoo Store and I put out a couple of Facebook ads that got about 1k link clicks but no sales.


I put interests as "Temporary Tattoos" and "Body Art", but I have yet to make a sale.

I think I'm having a hard time finding the right keywords to find my target audience.


Any suggestions?

My Store: sabertoothstickers.com


Thank you in advance!

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What should I focus on to get my couple first sales? IK the products can work but I need stronger targeting for my ads.

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Targeting users where? social media platform or Google?

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I'd think festival goers, music events, child events etc. Anything that is short lived and people want to change their looks during that time. 

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Oh I love temp tattoos. My sister loves it and after all the pain and money it took me to get rid of some of the permanent tats that I had it's a cool way to wear tattoos especially if you are impatient. I never tried temp tattoos I always went for the real thing. I have had a lot of tattoos done. I mean I have 2 sleeves and whole set of tattoos all over my body. Some of them have been really stupid. I got them while I was drunk. SO as I got older I regretted some of the tattoos that I had. I started looking for a clinic that would do laser removal for me. I have done some of my research and after a while settled on a clinic about 30 mins away from my home. I will link their website below. I set up an appointment and after about 5 to 6 procedures I got rid of some of the ugliest tattoos in the history (at least on my body) So yeah when my sister said she wanted a tattoo I made her get a temp first. She is a fan ever since haha




You can check the clinic here: https://www.cosmeticsurgeryforyou.com/procedures/tattoo-removal-bellevue-kirkland-seattle/