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Thank you page and facebook conversion ads

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I'm diving into facebook conversion ads. At least what I have read up so far and understand that I don't pay facebook until a user hits a page that I set up with them, like the user has to buy the product before I pay facebook for the impression/conversion? Anyway I was reading that I can set up the thank you page which the customer will be redirected after they made a purchase and it's been confirmed? If this is true. Where would the redirection thank you page url be so I can use that to fill in the facebook conversion ad?


Not sure if I am making sense since I've never done this before?

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Hey @arcane !


That's not correct. You do pay Facebook for the ad impressions even if someone does not buy your product. 


The fact that you select as an optimization event the conversion/purchase means that Facebook will serve the ad to users that most likely will be interested to buy your product, not that you'll pay Facebook only when people buy. 


As for the tracking of the purchase, all you have to do is add your Facebook pixel id into your Shopify store which you'll find at online store - preferences. Please see the image attached.


Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 19.13.53.png


Hope this helps,





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Hi @arcane !


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.


Looks like @Panos_Tzitzinos  sent a perfect reply. I wanted to let you know that if you are just getting started on Facebook ads, there are some great

resources to help you out. Below are some of the places I'd recommend starting off to learn more about Facebook ads and how to best approach them based on your business.



Both of those resources have been helpful for many beginners. I also wanted to send some quick tips as well from experience.


Tip #1


Here is a great Facebook help page on how the pixel works and learns. Once you have your pixel installed on your store, I'd also recommend that you install Google Analytics as an enhanced method to track more activity in your store.


Even though you may not be using it right away, it is a good idea to have this in place collecting data for when you are ready to use its features.


Tip #2


When first starting out with advertising, I like to recommend a step by step process to building your pixel data up. Instead of setting up your new fresh pixel to optimize for a purchase event, try out an "add to cart" or "view content" event. These are modified inside your Ad Sets.


Be sure to watch through the Shopify Academy course mentioned above, before attempting this tip.


Tip #3


Make sure you have a solid idea of who your target audience will be. Often times, new entrepreneurs may go through their ads budget quickly if their ad targeting is not refined enough. From experience, I'd recommend going with the following for each ad set:


  • 1 country only
  • 1 social platform
  • Up to a maximum 10 year age range
  • 1 gender
  • At least 2 layered interests


Depending on the niche you are working with and the type of product (or pricing), you'll want to make sure that your audience is not too broad.


If you haven't had a chance yet to plan out your marketing strategy, I'd recommend creating a one-page business plan to start off with. This is not the first or last business/marketing plan you will want to create, it is good practice to revisit it and refine it every 3-6 months.


Let me know if that helped! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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