The #1 Reason You Are Unprofitable

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One thing that has been truly mind blowing to me is that fact that many preach this idea to get your store up as fast as possible and worry about marketing. Because for whatever reason marketing is the only important thing.

That's like knocking on someones door trying to sell them a product you have no clue about, with no game plan or strategy.


Your store itself is the deciding factor of if someone will buy or if they won't buy. It is what of converts their curiosity into an eager want for the product. Good copywriting can immediately build trust and convince people they need your product. Your visitors will literally do all the selling for you psychologically. Bad copywriting can make you look like a scammer and make your visitors lose trust in your product, even in just a few words of your copy. It's so important and I can't stress this enough.


Ecommerce is like trying to put together a house, the store itself is the foundation and everything else is the marketing. Without a solid foundation everything will crumble.




So how much does copywriting really affect your stores profitability?


Well look at it this way, with terrible copy your store conversion rate is likely to be below average. So let's look at the numbers. Let's say your conversion rate is 1% and you spend $300 to send 2,000 visitors to your store a day. That equates to 20 sales per day at a cost of $15 per purchase. That is quite high and hard to be profitable with unless you are selling high ticket.


Now let's flip it. If you were doing the same thing but had a 3% conversion rate you would be getting 60 sales per day which is a cost of $5 per purchase.


This could be a HUGE reason you are not profiting. Now to further understand lets say you were making $14 profit per sale (before taking into account marketing costs). With a 1% conversion rate you would be losing at least $1 per sale. However, with a 3% conversion rate you would be profiting $9 per sale, after all expenses.


With engaging, persuasive copywriting it really is not difficult to get that conversion rate to 3% even possibly 5%. Now I hope you guys understand that neglecting your copywriting could quite literally lose you money.


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