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The 27-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday

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  1. Prepare for a busier Cyber Monday
  2. Test and ensure your website can handle a surge in traffic
  3. Double-down on your top sales channels
  4. Keep an eye on the competition
  5. Create contingency plans
  6. Make inventory decisions early
  7. Consider pandemic product trends
  8. Sell gift cards
  9. Organize your upcoming sales
  10. Optimize your order and fulfillment workflows
  11. Craft an irresistible BFCM offer
  12. Create banners and hero images to advertise holiday sales
  13. Retarget past visitors and customers
  14. Start your email marketing campaigns early
  15. Leverage your best advertising channels
  16. Reward loyal customers
  17. Integrate live chat
  18. Ensure you provide prompt and personal support
  19. Offer easy and hassle-free returns
  20. Think mobile-first
  21. Assess your checkout experience
  22. Test your site and get feedback
  23. Set up Google Analytics
  24. Get familiar with your Shopify Reports
  25. Set up heatmaps and other tools to understand user behavior
  26. Turn seasonal shoppers into year-round customers
  27. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t

Source: Shopify Blog

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