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The Ad Campaign cost too much but not many sales

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I did Goggle Smart Shopping campaign. It cost me more than sales. No profit because the sales most go to dropshipper for products. Now I changed to Facebook campaign through my Shopify Marketing. Only one day I received $50 charge from Facebook. If I run 10 days everyday spend $50 dollars and do not get any sales. It's really scared! 

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Hello there,

Could you please let me know that have you switched from standard shopping to smart or directly you have started the smart shopping campaign.


Because before running the smart shopping campaign you need to have the following points and eligibility criteria fulfilled :

  • Smart Shopping campaigns rely on a remarketing audience that is made up of people who visit your site. For your campaign to remain active, new people must continually be added to your remarketing audience. You must have a remarketing list of at least 100 active users associated with your account
  • You need to set up conversion tracking with transaction-specific values, and you need to have had at least 20 conversions over the past 45 days across existing Shopping campaigns.

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Google was "Smart Shopping campaign"

Facebook was "audience building ad"

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a) pick 5 of your most popular products in different niches (ie: furniture, home decor, clothing, etc.) and create a facebook campaign for each of those 

b) create 5 ad sets for each of these campaigns

c) create 10 different ads for each ad set with different copy and setup (ie: do one with image, one with video, etc.)


When targeting, you can:

- set one to general population and keep it broad and sell to the big 4.

U.S, U.K, Australia, Canada (do this for each niche)

-  the use targeted demo graphics by niche (ie: clothing ---> target brand names, magazine names, people who are interested in fashion)


- Set a budget (CBO) for each campaign of $60 each

- Run the ads for 4 to 5 days and watch each day which ads perform the best and cancel the low performing ads. You are looking for ads that cost you the least but give you the most clicks and in turn, sales (ROAS) 


Whatever ads did well, put more money towards those.  You should be optimization for Purchase.


You have to test, test, test.


Stick with the same products for a month and change the ads around.  People spend too much time changing the products when they should focus on the marketing message.


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Your site is missing some key branding elements:

- logo

- prominently displayed and unique about page

- social proof


I would dial in your brand trust / conversion rate optimization before spending on ads.

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