The number of add to cards are different than on Facebook ad account

The number of add to cards are different than on Facebook ad account

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Just want to clarify, my facebook ad account shows me that my store fot 6 add to cards, however I see on my store only 1 add to card. Could you please guide me what is the reason of such discrepancy?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Ula2022 

This might not be a Shopify issue but could be related to how your template was built.

You can recheck the following things: 

1. Have your pixel been installed twice somewhere, or have you created a custom "add to cart" tracking event for a different click action like clicking "view cart," for example.

You can start by installing the Facebook Pixel Helper on Chrome, go through a normal add-to-cart process, and see what gets fired when you click around.

2. You can go into the pixel on FB and see if anyone has set up an "add to cart" event that isn't linked to the actual add to cart button. It should be a small list of events, so pretty simple to find and remove.


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Hi @Ula2022,


data discrepancy is very common, especially with Facebook. I would double check whether the pixel is correctly set up (firing only once when a product is added to cart). To do this, go to Business Manager -> Events Manager -> Pixel -> Diagnostics and Test events. 


If everything is working fine, I'm afraid the discrepancy is because of Facebook's measurements. 


Hope this helps! 

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