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There is traffic when running Adwords and FB Ads but no conversion

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Hi everyone! We launched our apparel and clothing accessories store few months back and we have been driving paid traffic using Adwords and FB Ads plus organic traffic through Social media postings using FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and Polyvore. We had few sales but we recently stopped running Adwords and FB Ads to cut off more losses due to low conversion rates. But now no traffic as well.

We are selling products targeting men and women, providing an affordable pricing, sale items and free shipping. Also we are running a rewards program and an affiliate program in parallel. We launched a giveaway program a month back but we didn't get much impact as expected. 

Can anyone advise what should we do further on bringing traffic/ sales. 

We look forward to your ideas and suggestions!



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I managed the operations and marketing of TruSelf Organics for a few years which is an organic skincare company that uses Shopify. We found influencer marketing via Instagram and Snapchat to be a very effective and profitable method of driving traffic. Also, a closely-managed Instagram and Facebook page for your own business does wonders - are you doing that already?

Driving traffic is only half the battle - which I'm sure you know - but you've got to get them to buy. The X-Factor for us at TruSelf was getting creative with our promotions and sales. The most effective sale we ever ran was a 'countdown discount' - 30% off from 8-9PM, 20% off from 9-10PM etc. We consistently did 5x normal sales and had a very high conversion rate when we did this.

It was such an effective method of driving sales that I developed an app that automates the process called Countdown Discount. Is is available here on the Shopify App Store. It places a real-time countdown timer on your storefront and really pushes customers to buy immediately. It works best when combined with a banner, social media blast and email.

I truly think it could help you increase your conversion rate. Give it a try! 

Hope this helps and best of luck to you!


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For the traffic you were generating, did you do a lot of research into your keyword selection?  Traffic is only good if it is the right kind of traffic.

Did you notice anything about customer behavior on your site?  Did they go through several pages or stay on page?  Did they stay for a long time?  Did one or more products capture more attention than others?  This may help to decide whether some product changes are in order.

You may want to install PollCart (a Shopify plugin), which helps capture sales from undecided customers and lets your customers spread the word about your store and products.  You can learn about it here ( and here (

I hope this helps.  Let me know if there is anything further I can help with.


Doug Berman | PollCart - Top Customer Engagement Plug-In for Shopify |