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Thoughts on Influencers and Promoters

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Hi Eveyone,

I am at the stage where I want to include influencers and promoters in my marketing. I had someone who said she was an influencer with 20K instagram follwers reach out to me. She said she wanted to try some of my products. I have a clothing store. When I looked at her account, I got the feeling that she simply is trying to get free products and really doesn't carry much influence.

I also have frineds doing warm promotions for me, that seems to work well. I want to expand that strategy.

My questions:

Do any of you currenlty use promoters and do you have a written agreement with them for compensation? 

Do influencers reach out to YOU and request product?

Thank you,

Jody Olson - Bright Attitude


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Hi Jody, I've read posts about people making a ton of sales off of influencers, but my personal experience has been very minimal. If you're going to use influencers, you should find those that have a really high number of followers. I don't think 20k is high enough, It does vary on which niche you're in. But niche's that are fitness or animal related, have huge followings so finding someone with 100k followers could be relatively easy. Make sure they're not trying to rip you off with pricing either, message a bunch and compare notes on costs and duration they're willing to leave the post up for. 

If you're going to use instagram, you can use to easily find acccounts and hashtags that are in the niche you are doing. Also, you can see the page analytics to see if they even get much engagements on their posts. This is just from my experience, good luck on yours!

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I generally use influencers that have atleast 10k followers.  Keep in mind that alot of them bought their followers so I also check their last 5-10 posts and compare the likes/comments vs followers.  I get DM's all day everyday from ppl with 200k+ but only  300-1k likes on day old posts. so I know they are fake.  When trying out an influencer, that is my initial test.  Then I try them for a small promo like $5 for 1 post.  If I get the right amount of engagement, ill generally up it to maybe 5 posts.  The girl I use now, I was initially rotating between 3 other girls and stuck with her.  Im now doing month long promotions through her.  She has generated sales, followers and tons of inquiries.  She forwards me all the DM's she gets so that I can reach out to the customer.

And its not all about how high someone has of a follower count.  They can be super expensive and wont work hard.  Ive had someone with 200k followers request $200/post which to me is insane!  Where as, you can find an up coming model or someone with 15k HIGHLY engaged followers that will be drooling over your products and over promote you for free just to get a product.

A blogger that is on IG that reached out to me only has a little over 5k followers but her feed is AMAZING! so I sent her a dress just today.  Her followers are super engaged because her post are out of this world and she puts soooo much effort into her post and staging products.  I cant wait to see what she does with my post + I get a blog post out of the deal too.

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Hey Jody, I realize its been a few months - but I cringe when I hear those stories of fake influencers reaching out asking for free product. I'm focused on helping brands identify their actual customers that have influence. We just released a Shopify app called Gatsby that identifies and auto-iniates a campaign with those real customers. 

I know this is coming off a bit promotional, but I genuinely think it could help in your situation.

Here's the link if you want to give it a try:

Available anytime to dive in further / answer questions.


Brett Bernstein - Founder & Gatsby -