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Thousands of site views, hundreds of product views, absolutely 0 coversions

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I've been going at it pretty hard for just under a week now, have a decent amount of traffic flowing in, using google pop up ads right now because for some reason, facebook is all out of wack with my shopify store and has it blocked, thats a whole separate issue though. been working on trying to get my site to convert, feel like im hitting a brick wall.

I think my ads are at least decent, they have mid ranged click through ratios, proper landing pages, discounts running, discount code included on ads, free shipping offered.

i set my ads up to target only in the us but somehow they end up targeting world wide, any ways to remedy this?

i get my store may not be POPPING yet, but i figured with a few thousand visits id be converting at least a bit.

why store url is feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions, thanks yall.

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Look at your location targeting settings. You want it set to Reach people in your targeted locations... this is likely why you are getting clicks outside of the USA. If you still get a few clicks outside the USA, those people could be using a VPN.

Even if you get traffic... that does not mean it's the right traffic, which is why people may not be converting. You have to make sure you use Negative Keywords and focus on Search Query's with a high intent to purchase. Free shipping should be enough to get someone to purchase.. you should not need to add tons of discounts for your products.


Your site looks good. However, products like your backpack could be better by using one product in your cover image and making it pop more. I would even look at making each backpack have its own product page. That way you can show it off faster on the category page and help build super focused audience lists down the line. Your product page could use a slightly better layout but it's not likely the reason no one is converting. I would look at your traffic quality and that you are using negative keywords.

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