Tik Tok adverising policy "too much skin"

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Hi Guys and Girls

Me and my girlfriend are creating a Dropshipping clothing store for females and we were wondering if it is allowed to display an exposed female belly on the video creative. We are concerned that the ad will not get approved. Below you can find a screenshot of the ad to see what we mean. The whole video is just her showing the product from all angles.

I hope to get feedback from somebody experienced in Tiktok advertisings.



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Honestly, what even are TikTok guidelines? They are all over the place with flagging and taking down stupid videos that have no reason to be targeted, while closing their eyes to the more important stuff. I once made a video just about a new cream I got from https://shopmaryann.com/collections/creams and my friend in the background was in a swimsuit so it all got taken down. Really curious if they approve your ad.