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I just started running tiktok ads, it’s the second day and no sales, this is my metrics: cost:10$, clicks: 50, CTR: 3.55%, CPC: 0.21, CPA:0, conversions: 0, CVR: 0, CPM: 7.40. Should I keep going? 

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Hello @Elisessential ,


It’s so hard to answer your question of whether you should stop or continue your campaign because of the lack of information about it. I guess your goal when running Tiktok ads is to increase your sales and convert as many of as possible your audiences into customers. There is still so much vague in your question, below, I will list some points that need to be answered to make everything clearer, okay:

  • Your product: Depending on the products that are selling, it can affect the whole campaign’s performance and you need to research your niche to know the appropriate metrics to measure. 
  • Target audience: Who is your target audience? Your ads aim to who? Have you refined your audience targeting based on demographics, interests, or behaviors that align with your ideal customer profile? You want to spend a limited campaign budget on the people most likely to make a purchase.
  • Budget: Do you have a budget plan for your campaign? What is your limit and how much are you willing to spend? As I see your metrics provided above, everything is too soon to conclude that you should continue or stop. I will analyze your metrics below to provide an overview of your campaign’s performance.
  • Duration: Do you have a deadline for your campaign? You need to identify how long the campaign will run to avoid increasing your budget.


Here is an overview analysis of your campaign’s performance:

  • Cost: You've spent $10, which is a relatively small amount, indicating that this is still very early to draw any major conclusions.
  • Clicks (50) and CTR (3.55%): A click-through rate of 3.55% is quite decent for many industries, especially considering this is a new campaign. 
  • CPC ($0.21): The cost per click at $0.21 indicates that you're getting relatively inexpensive traffic to your site, which is positive. 
  • CPA ($0) and Conversions (0): No conversions yet. This isn't uncommon in the initial days of a campaign, especially if you're in an industry with a longer customer decision cycle or a higher-priced product.
  • CVR (0%): Since there are no conversions, the conversion rate is 0%.
  • CPM ($7.40): This cost per thousand impressions is fairly low, which suggests your ads are being served without a high cost.
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