TikTok integration - Information for this time zone does not exist

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Dear Community & Shopify Support,


I need urgent help with the integration of TikTok into my Shopify!!!

When I try to connect my business TT account, shopify claims that "the information for this time zone does not exist". However, the time zones within my TT account and my shopify account are both the same, Sydney Time.


However, Shopify uses GMT and TT UTC, maybe that's the issue?

I am confused here and need urgent help! So far my emails to both support systems TikTok and shopify were left unanswered.






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Hey dude, I had the same problem. Mine seemed to just fix itself, so I'm not sure if it's just a time thing but I would recommend getting in contact with a support adviser on Shopify and talking to them about it. That seemed to have done the trick for me.


still don't have any idea as for the cause though.