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Tip: How to get more revenue by NOT confusing your customers

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We’ve all experienced choice paralysis many times. You were at an ice cream parlor and there were like 40 different flavors.


You stand there and stare at the display, not knowing what to order.


Your customers could be experiencing the same when they are looking at your store, ads, or emails.


Customers don’t want to make the wrong decision. You shouldn’t give them a ton of options or leave it open to them.


If they can’t make a decision then they may end up buying nothing.

👉 Example #1

You want to make it as easy and quick for customers to decide what they want to buy. We A/B tested featuring 1 product vs 5 products. Version A won, hands down.


While it may be tempting to try to increase your AOV by featuring as much stuff as possible on your product pages, pop-ups, etc… It will, in most cases, lead to a higher bounce rate and lower add to cart & conversion rate.



👉 Example #2

Let’s say that you have a pre-sell page in form of a blog. You could just have the blog there and then hope that people will go and browse your store after they are done reading it.


A much better option is to feature a product right after the blog. That way you are helping them decide and leading them into a decision you want them to make.



💡 The takeaway: Don’t confuse your customers. Show your customers what they want. Give them a simple choice.

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