Tips and advice to improve (GA, Pixel, and metrics included inside)

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Hey guys,

Guess I'll just jump right in.

Looking for some real feedbacks on the design and copywriting, and tips to improve especially on customer acquisition and improving metrics in general.

Here's the link to our site:

We've only been live for 4 days, so yes it's very new and possibly not enough data yet for optimization, but any tips will be very appreciated as you never know what you can learn from others.

Here's some general data:

  • 466 unique visitors in the past two days

  • 518 sessions at 1.11 sessions/user

  • 1.53 pages/session

  • Avg duration 28s

  • 68% bounce rate

  • 72 Returning users @ 1m 6s ave session

  • Most traffic comes from social & paid ads, will definitely increase in the upcoming days since we've got influencer marketing set up

  • 7 ATC, 2 IC, 2 Purchase, about 0.4% conversion so far

  • Avg. Order value $64 AUD

Abandoned cart sequence is set up, welcome newsletter w/discount is set up as well, although no popups implemented yet (still debating if the upside outweighs the downside, let me know if you've previous experience)

Our FB & IG ads funnel are also set up, although I believe it's not fully optimized yet as we're still lacking data.

Campaign is divided into three main groups: Top Funnel, Mid Funnel, and Bot Funnel

Influencer marketing will be another part of our Top Funnel campaign

So far, our Top Funnel audience for our FB/IG ads are:

2% LALs from Website Audience

2% LALs from Instagram Audience (anyone interact with ads/post/profile)

Interest targeting to acquire new audience (mostly relevant brands and fitness influencers here down under)

Objective: Conversion ATC (tested ViewContent but barely any result while ATC generates both 2 purchases)

Mid Funnel Includes everyone who've previously interacted with our instagram or visit our site (retarget them with product carousel ads)

Objective: Conversion Initiate Checkout

Bot Funnel includes hot audiences i.e. ViewContent or Add To Cart (retarget with dynamic catalog ads). Although it's not running yet since obviously there's barely any audience there atm.

Objective: Conversion Purchase

Here's some of the problem:

  • Traffic from IG ads is alright with 62.5% bounce rate, however, traffic from fb ads is horrendous with 93% bounce rate (I've optimize the ads for both platform, also played around with the optimal copy for both).

  • About $500 spent on ads so far (yes ROI negative, expected for the first week). Any tips will be appreciated on how to improve, will it get better once pixel has more accurate data ? We've tried various targeting options, played with LALs, ad copies, images as well as ads objectives and placements. 

Also, to clarify, we're focusing first on the women's market, and once it rolls then we'll start to market the men. We've also got influencer marketing set up with various influencers, hopefully will drive awareness and traffic/sales. 

Tips on ads optimization and increasing conversion rate is highly appreciated. Thanks for the help guys !

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Hey Reynard,

First off, congratulations on your site, in my opinion it looks really nice - great work with the aesthetics and UX. Personally I would increase the call-to-action, highlight prices, make "show now" & "add to bag" buttons stick out more, generally you get better conversions if you highlight the action you want your users to take, but at the same time that might be part of your brand.

But there are people who are way better than me at UX & design, that is just my 2-cents.

I have worked as Head of analytics at a really big IT reseller and have some tips regarding marketing and analytics – now I work as a consultant and are helping eCommerce companies with their marketing & analytics.

First off, when you wrote your post you had only had the site up for 4 days (?) and are spending 500$/week at marketing.

Depending on how much your budget for marketing is, that can be quite much. I would say that you need to be prepared to “waste” at least 30 days’ worth of marketing to draw conclusions and see what works. I’m not saying you will have a negative ROI/ROAS but you probably don’t know what works best without some data.

With 92% bounce rate on your FB ads I would highly recommend that you try different things, if you analyse the visits are you having the same bouncerate from all devices? Mobile miss-clicks on banners are a hassle and often a big chunk of the banner clicks in my experience.

Are there any demographics where the bounce-rate is lower? Gender, age, interests etc?

Are you using Google Ads at all? I would highly recommend that you try using specific keywords with a narrow demographic, that way you are finding the customer when they are looking for the type of products you are selling instead of showing them your products in a moment when they might not be interested in doing a purchase.

With all my clients Google Ads is the most important payed medium (if you exclude email, that depends on how you view that medium), after that FB and in some cases Instagram.

FB & Instagram works in some cases for driving conversions, but in my experience the best way is to be there when the intent of the user is to do research/purchase.


I understand that it can feel boring and slow, but I would advice you to start small and see what works, then expand on that medium with that strategy and see where the breakpoint is.

Choose your demographics and measure as much as you can, decide what medium is for awareness and what is for driving conversions and see where you get the most impressions/clicks/conversions/ROAS.

I would also advise you to not only measure clicks, but to measure qualitative clicks, for example more than 2 pages / session and a session-duration of +1min (or something like that).

When your conversions start to roll in, measure the life time value of a customer and adjust your spending to that in order to expand your business.

Measure the cost of a conversion (visit -> conversion) as well as the cost of a cusomter (visit -> first conversion).

Best of luck!