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Hi Guys, 


I have a newly launched brand on shopify and struggling to choose the right digital agency.

A lot of them charge around $2-3K AUD or (1.7-2.8K USD) per month just to manage my ad campaigns. This does not include the money spent on the actual ads (which will be another 2-3K on top) Most of them also requires a 3 month contract, which is pretty fair considering they need to analyse the info, test ads, and we are a new brand with no data to work with/start with. 


To work with a cheaper agency that charge around $700-1.2K, i get to spend more on actually running the ads and reach more people on FB and IG. But i dont know if the quality of work would match what bigger, more experienced and expensive agency do.


But also at the same time, bigger agencies might overlook smaller brands like mine and not put in the same amount of effort as they would with bigger clients. However they are more experienced and i want my ads to be set up and optimised properly, with a team that knows what they are doing.


I'm curious to see what tips and experience you guys have as a brand owner (ecommerce) and whether i should go for a smaller cheaper agency or a bigger one? it's a huge risk, time and financial commitment. I'm just unsure if the quality of work would most likely be similar between those affordable and expensive ones? Thank you so so much!!! Any tips would help!


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Hi @sydneyuser123 , thank you for visiting the Shopify Forum


I understand your concerns. We are primarily a Shopify and Klaviyo agency but do run Ads for some clients that are ready to take more traffic. We never manage more than 4 Ad clients per month. Since we care about the technical part, the retention, the landing pages and copy as well as the ads, our campaigns almost always profitable, and if they are not we refund our fee.

I would like to have a chat and see if we are a good fit to help you. Please contact us at


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