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I have set my shop's title and meta description for 5 days, however, it is still showing below title and description, I am not sure is it an ad of domain broker service from Godaddy(I purchased the domain from Godaddy)? Does any one has the same problem before, could you let me know how to fix this? Thanks a lot.

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Dear bpbp123,


Try to Submit sitemap at Google Search console too.


Note: Google may or may not show your title and description, because title and description depends upon user query 

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Google need sometimes to update those things to SERP. Typically, the smaller your site, the longer you'll have to wait. Besides, Google might not use your meta description cause they don't want to. If you have to ask question like this, I suggest spending sometimes to learn SEO. It's really not that complicated to learn the basics.

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Title tag is found at the top of the page code that is in the head section. It is very important in terms of ranking on the search engine result pages. The description tag is sometimes ignored by the algorithm but is still vital for your SEO practices. There are a few elements to look at - which mostly influences the SERP. They comprises of
>>Title tags
>>Description tags

Therefore it has no direct impact over ranking but it does have an indirect impact which is through the search engine results where the description tag is displayed. The core elements for a description are - Brand, Length, Summary, Call to Action (CTA).
However if a searcher or a user doesn't know what or where they are clicking or are unlikely to click on the desired result that can damage your rankings. IF Google thinks your descriptions and titles are up to the mark or scratch it would just replace them with snippets taken from the page content so you need to make sure what exactly those titles and descriptions on your website are all about.


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Hey @bpbp123 

As your site is new and may not have much activity, it takes some time for the changes to take effect.

Gary Gill
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