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Hello friends! Our website is using the Narrative theme - https://bytesize.com.sg

Essentially we've ran a few SEO audit using sitechecker.pro, sitebulb and other similar websites.

Sitechecker.pro and Sitebulb have flagged that all our URLs have title tags that are missing even though we are using the title tag that comes with Narrative and no amendments were made:

{{ page_title }}{% if current_tags %}{% assign meta_tags = current_tags | join: ', ' %} &ndash; {{ 'general.meta.tags' | t: tags: meta_tags }}{% endif %}{% if current_page != 1 %} &ndash; {{ 'general.meta.page' | t: page: current_page }}{% endif %}{% unless page_title contains shop.name %} &ndash; {{ shop.name }}{% endunless %}

We recall running the SEO audits previously but these errors did not appear. As far as we can recall, this issue seems to have manifested after using 3rd Party SEO Apps via the shopify store - though we have since deleted these apps.

Anybody able to help shed light on what is happening?

Thank you very much for reading.

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For anyone who experiences this issue - apparently I had a <div> tag in the <head> </head> section and that was the cause of the issue!

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Same problem where do I find <head>?

Did you remove or what did you do?