Tons of visiters but no sales

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Hey I recently launched my store at 

and I ran FB ads and I know it's a winning product and I have around 1500 visits per day but not a single sale even add to cart maybe 5 times but no one been at the checkout , please can someone help me ? 

Here's my product link

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Hi Denis,

Your product looks great, and you have plenty of traffic, which is excellent. There are few things you can do to improve the product page. The limited time countdown seems to be off the center, and not in line with the other elements, which gives an impression it was put together in a hurry. This might affect sales, as people love buying from retailers they can trust. "Retail is detail" - lack of attention to the detail can affect the conversion rate. Make sure to improve the layout of this element.

Consider also adding more photos of the product, and perhaps a "before and after" photo - how the car surface looks before and after using a product. This will definitely help you connect with your visitors and give them a stronger reason to buy. People connect with the images and videos on a much greater scale than with a text, so make sure to show the results and benefits of using the product.

Make sure to have stronger CTA [call to action] and create much more defined urgency of buying your product. This page, as such, is ok, but you have to take into consideration you are fighting for the business of people who see hundreds of similar ads every day, so make sure to stand out among the competition to drive sales.

The best way is to see how other websites design their click funnel landing pages, and how you can improve on that. Have a look at this article giving you 11 awesome sales funnel templates you can steal:

Make sure to design your landing page using their tips and your conversion rate will be much better.

The conversion might be also down to the Facebook ad targeting, so if you'd like my team to have a look at your ads, and analyze them free of charge, give me a shout:

Best regards,


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Hi Denis, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

I think Maggie touched on it above, when she mentioned about showing the difference in the car itself with before and after photos. As well as before and after photos, it definitely wouldn't hurt to add some custom photos of your own of the product. Currently, it looks a bit like a stock image photo and not tailored for your store specifically which could be preventing people from following through on the conversion. 

If you ran Facebook ads and got the traffic to your store but then didn't see the conversion, it more than likely means the people you have targeted in the ad might not be the right audience for this particular product. It could be a good idea to take a step back and think about the exact audience you are looking for or who you think might be interested in a product such as this. Definitely, someone who is interested in cars, but what else? A good way to help you find this audience is something called the 3x3x3 method for ads. It involves doing 3 different Facebook ads at the same time with different audiences to try and find the best fit for your campaign. You can find out more about this method from this blog post here

A couple of other things I noticed the first being the name of your store. With Black Friday coming up, I definitely see the appeal of the name and understand the idea behind it. It might, however, come across or seem to others that it is a short-term store which will go away after Black Friday. Store visitors could be hesitant to follow through on a purchase if they are worried the store might be gone after Black Friday should anything happen to their order or product.

One last thing is there is no favicon on your store. A favicon is another small aspect of the store process which has become more simple to add in recent times. You can add it to most themes now by simply uploading a photo. A favicon adds credibility to your store and does show customers you are serious. You can find Shopify's guide for adding a favicon here

Hope these help and give you some direction on next best steps. Any other questions, just let me or the team know

All the best, Nick

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Denis,

I checked out your store myself and I noticed that your header bar on top of the page is unclickable. My team has developed SiteKit - a free tool that could help you create a sticky header bar on your page. There you could:

  • Grab customers' attention with a header bar
  • Win back leaving customers with exit-intent popups
  • Drive traffic directly to your promotion pages with a button
  • Grow your email list with an email opt-in form

I think our SiteKit may become a better alternative to your current header bar right now. I know it sounds biased but as our app is free, maybe you can give it a chance and see how things work. 


SiteKit - a full conversion booster platform with every promotion tool you need: