Tracking account creation/registration help

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Hey guys 🙂


Does anybody know how can I track new registrations (buyers registrations)? We are using Multi-Vendor Marketplace app and neither Shopify/Vendor couldn't help me with this. 


Thank you so much in advance!

Have a great day

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Hey TerraTamara,


Why not just use the customers dashboard inside shopify?


That will show you the list of customers you have, and you can filter by "new" as well.


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Talk soon,
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Hey MarcioSantos;

thank you so much for coming back to me. In new registration we have a list of all of them, but we would like to keep track of buyers and then sellers. Just to know who is who. I was trying also to find how can I possible to tag them, or something similar. Just for recognition and separation of them. 

Any idea is more than welcome.