Tracking Code on Thank You Page - Problem.

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There is quite a big issue with typical AdWords conversions tracking on our website. Once someone makes a purchase on our website, the URL completely changes. On the beginning, the URL is always (eg After you checkout, the URL changes into

This is the thing that doesn't let us track the typical conversions -  after you checkout, there's no URL connection between and and AdWords conversion tracking can't work in this case.

We have to paste the conversion tracking code on the last page (thank you page with purchase confirmation). But! the thank you page is (example) and AdWords can't connect it with (it "doesn't know" the conversion comes from

Usually, the traditional shopping path looks this way:
3. confirmation (there can be 2 or three steps more)
4. (or success or something else saying that the purchase has been made)

We recently moved our store to shopify from a bespoke platform and this was never an issue, surely other people are having this same problem? because tracking purchases is one of the most important marketing tools. Our facebook pixle also wotn track purchases it is just shown as red on the facebook site as if it is not installed properly. We simply pasted the pixel code into the gui text box on the theme... so I am a little lost. In particulr with the adwords purchase tracking... 


We are willing to talk to any "experts" within this area about paying them to assist us with setting up our product feed/adwords/retargeting/pixel as we are getting to the point of banging our heads against a wall and can not find any resolution.

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Hey Charles;

That is how shopify works. The URL changes to a Shopify checkout. However, your pixel should still track the conversions. 

I have clients which I run both regular adwords for as well as Product Listing Ads (PLA/Google Shopping) and I've never had an issue. You may just be placing the Pixel improperly. 

Please reach out to me at for more info. I can definitely help you out and have done so many times before. 

Let's chat. Looking forward to it.



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Have you solved this problem?
We have the same situation. We have installed payment gateways with or without auto-redirect - but the problem remains.
Can you help me somehow, tell me?

this is my email -