Tracking Conversions Metrics Using Non-FB Pixel

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I'm looking to track purchases through our Shopify store, but I've got a Basic Shopify account, and cannot use the checkout.liquid template to place my Google Tag Manager container. 


I was also told by Shopify support that the "Additional Scripts" under Settings > Checkout has been removed due to security reasons at the beginning of 2019.


Without having a checkout.liquid or being able to utilize that "Additional Scripts" function, where can I place either the Pixel or the GTM Container in my Shopify Store to track purchases?


I've got the GTM Container placed on my Main Site/Shop, but as soon as the checkout process begins, the GTM Container is no longer there. Is there a Checkout template that I'm missing?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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1: Place(Paste ) conversion codes to Shopify Settings > Checkout > Additional Script Area Directly


Without GTM is also it is possible to track conversion.