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Tracking Shopify Buy Button on Funnel Site - Facebook

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Hello Everyone,


I'm having an issue with tracking Shopify's buy Button on my Funnel Site. the problem i'm having is that when I try to setup the events on my funnel site, Facebook does not recognize the embedded code for the buyButton as an actual button, it won't even recognize he "checkout" button on the AJAX cart.


I've played with the JS-code from FB and place the AddToCart event on the funnel site, however, this because a problem, because, when the place loads, the AddtoCart even is fired; so i got rid of that.


So The only event that makes sense to have active on my funnel site is the ViewContent and PageView...and I guess Lead.... but I can't track ATC's , which is really important.


I've only been doing JavaScript for about 9months, quite new, and I don't understand why Facebook will not recognize the embedded buy Button? When I  inspect the code, there is in fact at button tag within HTML...? what gives?


any assistance will be helpfull-- this seems to be a big flaw on this Shopify buy button.


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