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I started my shopify store like three weeks ago and I used facebook ads, influencers, SEO, all of those things, but no sales, we hve more than 100 views day but nothing, it is because I do not have a blog? Please I need help with this.


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Hi there,


Sorry to hear that - the issue could be with either the website [design, trust signals, prices etc.] or the quality of the traffic coming [whether the visitors are looking to buy immediately or they are just browsing]. 


In order to give you more specific tips, I'd be happy to review your website [website critique] and eventually review your marketing strategy to help you optimize these for higher conversion. Order your website critique now to get started!

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It would help if we knew your URL, and can better assist. As the others mentioned, have your website reviewed and look to iron out any potential problems. Other than that, advertising works if you are targeting the right customer and with the right product. I would consider telling us your stats, on any ad spend. For example, if you haven't reached over 100-250 clicks on one specific network then you might not have enough data to analyse.


Alternatively, ensure you are interacting with your customers via e-mail or add retargeting to potentially catch your customers.  Not every sale is made instantly, retargeting will help you target your audience again with lower costs. 

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As above, it would help if you give the URL of your store so we can take a look.


High traffic without sale could indicate a problem of the website itself (hard to use, hard to check out, not enough info, could not load, etc).

Depend on your products, blog may not be needed. Content is a long-term investment and you should consider if it is truly suitable for your business or not before diving into it.

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Congratulations! Welcome aboard.


The average conversion rate of an established e-commerce store is 2.03%. Do keep this in mind and go forward.


High traffic and low conversion symbolize your website is hard to use or product/shipping pricing is too high or unqualified traffic. I think your traffic is not from qualified sources, you must revisit your ad targetting mechanisms and target it to the right audiences. For the website performance improvements, you can depend on any third party tools, for example, GTMetrix. This tool gives a very detailed report about the flaws in your store and it will guide you on how to improve it.


Once you ensured all these, you can take an analysis of how long people are spending on your website each time when they visit. Yes, I am talking about the Bounce rate. If you found your bounce rate is still high after improving the website performance and quality of traffic, then you really need to brainstorm how you can reduce the bounce rate. Reducing bounce rate is actually creating possibilities of getting conversions. For that, you need to engage your customer and creates some interest on your products, For example, Discounts and offers, Social proof, Product photo Reviews, Urgency creator are some of the features which will help you create interest on your products.


Adding Product recommendation feature will help you engage your customer on your product page. Recommending similar products will make the customer keep on browsing through your product catalog for a certain period of time, and they will buy within this time period if they are really intended to buy it. "Upsell with AI recommendations" is such an app, it has helped stores to increase the average time spent each customer up to 20% and conversions up to 5% to 7% extra to their current conversion rate. It also helps you upsell your products, Give it a try.


Blogging will give you long term mileage, you can start content marketing through blogs but you should wait patiently for the results.


All the best 🙂

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without looking at site, hard to tell, 


about the ads, have you selected correct audience, location etc. or just using random one



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Questions asked by a lot of users, when your new store is established, you should find ways to trust customers more than you advertise products
For example: selling cosmetics when the ad should set a suggested title, asking questions like "women should wear makeup when they work", "cosmetics a, b, c are good for skin" .
But above all, you review the product quality, customer care regime, after sales service, return payment when errors ...