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Traffic but no sales

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Hi. I have had 900 online visitors this week so far to my store - and not one sale. I am marketing with Facebook ads and Instagram but can’t understand why no one is buying.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
My store:
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  1. change content strategy
  2. use attractive content with title and description
  3. always come with offer
  4. do competitor analysis
  5. check and improve landing page and url links For

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Need better product images, too many complex images.

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Your products are really competitive. If want have sales then write a story about your product that makes standout from your competitors.

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You should improve quality content, make it more attractive and the important thing is you should be patient. Goodluck!

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i cannot find the focus/messages that want to deliver to customer at first glance in your website. i am looking for the "why" ,why should i buy from your stores instead? what make it special? just simply put customer satisfaction doesn't give me a reason to buy from you. Perhaps, more testimonial, more story /description on how your product is different than others? how your impact your customer if they buy your products(example more comfort due to material, or others?)


@Moshew81 wrote:
Hi. I have had 900 online visitors this week so far to my store - and not one sale. I am marketing with Facebook ads and Instagram but can’t understand why no one is buying.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
My store:


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Hi @Moshew81 ,


Not sure if you are still looking for suggestions/help on this but I checked out your store and have a few suggestions for you below.


At the outset, I must say that the quality of the product images you have used on is pretty impressive! It does give a positive feeling to a potential buyer. 


I also noticed that you are collecting email addresses of your site visitors, which is a good practice. Email lists can be extremely helpful in re-engaging with your website visitors and offering them useful content/offers later.


One low hanging fruit I would suggest you to try out would using push notifications for re-engaging your website visitors. Many store visitors these days are concerned about their privacy and may not be comfortable in sharing their email address with you immediately. A great way to overcome this limitation is by leveraging the push notification technology. Using push notifications, you can send relevant content/promotions to yoru store visitors later, without requiring them to share their email address with you. Note that you DON'T need a mobile app or anything specific for this. You just need to install the script for one of the Push Notification service providers like Onesignal etc. and you are good to go! I have seen e-commerce store owners growing their sales exponentially with this simple technique. Do give it a try!


I hope you will find my suggestions above helpful and worth trying. Let me know if you need any additional help!

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Is your store or because it's not clear from your post? 

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Dear Moshew81,


Congratulation for your store.


Hope following suggestions will help you.

1. Improve your store loading speed for mobile, now it is around 30-35 which is very poor.

2. Add some trust like client's feedback,security badges etc.

3. Do some dynamic product re-marketing for ads.

4. Company / Business Logo Should be there

5. Product page layout needs to improve

6. Use ajax search bar and there are more things you need to do


If you need on this, please contact us here :


Thanks & Regards

MS Web Designer


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