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Traffic is count is high but no sales

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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to ecommerce and just dabbling in it. So far i've made my first sale and setup my store. I use facebook ads to get traffic which are paid for. So far i've just been testing really. The problem is i've been testing for about two months now and have only made one sale(my first sale). I don't know if its my product or the type of traffic i'm getting or something else i've got no clue about. 

All suggestion would be appreciated. 

Link to my store:

Audiences i'm targeting: Women, 18 - 64+, Baby Clothes, New Parent (0-3)

Thanks, Nathan 

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The theme is too basic, I personally wouldn't buy anything from a store that looked like that, secondly, you need to remove watermarks if you're dropshipping and be sure to use HQ photos and lastly your target audience needs to be much narrower than what you're targetting atm. If you need any help reach out to me via email, I'd be glad to help out.

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I actually don't think the design of the site is bad. The thing that puts me off is that all I see is 6 products. A store like this should have a larger catalog.

I'd recommend spending some time talking to your target audience and getting their feedback from your site. You should also start collecting emails so you have individuals who have shown interest that you can contact for feedback.

Lastly, it depends a lot on how much traffic you are driving to your site and the quality of that traffic. You may want to shift to other sources of traffic.

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Hi Nathan Henry & Justin Butlion

About the website. For your opinion:

The thing that puts me off is that all I see is 6 products.

I don't think that having only a few products is a put-off. It means that you have more time to explain your product. You should pay close attention to your product page. One of my Shopify friends only has 3 products in his store. Still works well.

I have carried out a survey on Shopify facebook group and see that most of Shopify merchants pull traffic into product pages. I see that your product page is a little bit weak. Here is some suggestion for you:

  • There should be more images of the item in product pages. Especially, you can record a really cute video of a baby wearing your items, it would be more convincing
  • You should have a sizing table (baby weight & size) so people have some evidence to choose
  • Shipping and returning policy. People have the friction of not receiving the item as they wish after paying money, free returning can remove the friction
  • Add some customers review to show that other people also like it and trust badge to increase your trustworthy
  • Add a link to shipping & return policy pages. So people will know that they can return if the product is not as expected

Normally a theme does not support these feature. You can use a page builder. I and my Shopify friends build our product page with PageFly page builder apps. It has about 25 elements, quite flexible. Here is some look inside.

You can use this app to create either product page or homepage also. Have a look at my friend's homepage. The cost is quite low so I think it would be a good start for you:

I think you should spend some time reading about page element that increases Shopify conversion rate

About the traffic

I agree with Justin Butlion

You may want to shift to other sources of traffic.

Facebook to expensive because there are thousands of advertisers now! And also, people do not go to Facebook for shopping (Facebook confirm!). So I think you can switch to Instagram or Snapchat. If you still want to use Facebook, try using the blog or collect email. You can create a blog that contains a tab to display your product with the PageFly app I mention above!

About tracking - the key to increase sales and conversion rate

I'm a digital marketer, so tracking and testing are really important for me. The function that I love most from this app is that PageFly integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so I can track every single click on the landing page and push data to an Analytics Dashboard

You can read more about how to use Tracking & Analytics to increase your sales:

My Shopify store has traffic but no sales! How Google Analytics can

Really good techniques. I learned a lot from it.

Hope it helps 😉

Download free Shopify theme:
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Hi Nathan! I think a lot of startups and first time entrepreneurs face this problem, so I think it’s a good thing you asked. I’ve scanned your site and it looks ok so far, but have you tried targeting your SEO and content marketing efforts to boost your conversion rates?

I’d recommend analyzing your Google rankings to see if it’s easy for your target audience to find your store once they search online. The point is to see if you’re reaching your buyer persona effectively—are you marketing to the right people at the right time?

Based on my experience, the traditional “spray and pray” type of marketing no longer works—the stiff competition and the independent nature of today’s buyers mean that businesses have to step up their SEO and content marketing efforts to make sure that their target customers don’t tune out their marketing messages.

If you want, Diesel Marketer can help analyze and offer recommendations for your SEO efforts, including aspects like building niche-relevant core and private blog network (PBN) backlinks that can help target your SEO efforts to reach the right audience, build brand awareness and generate the right kind of traffic for your site.

In terms of content marketing, I think it would be a good idea to start utilizing your current Facebook presence to begin posting and distributing niche-relevant articles, images or videos that can attract the attention of and engage your target audience. If you want, you can also try incorporating an on-site blogging platform where you can create and share relevant articles designed to pull in prospective customers.

Hope this helps. Good luck! 

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