Traffic not turning into sales

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Hey guys,


This question might have been asked here million times but again I am compelled to ask that why is my traffic not turning into sales. 

I started my store on 23rd of March and I've been doing a lot of marketing through facebook ads, at 1st I wasn't getting any sessions may be around 20 per day and then I started targeting audiences and started getting more than 140+ sessions. Well I've been spending a lot but I hardly see people putting items on cart and till now I jave zero sales. 

Upon checking closely, I saw my speed score is 24 as rated by shopify,  2nd my audience are spending average of 20 secs in my store. 

I am not sure what I should change in my website now. Would be grateful if I could get some suggestions. 

That's my store. I would be grateful if I can get some suggestions.




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Hey Nishangrg! 

I just did a quick check on your website and here are a few points I'd like to raise a few points that may be contributing factors to why you're not converting leads into sales.

1. Grammar – you need to double-check your product listings, product descriptions, email list notification, and all the other content within your site and make sure they're 100% grammatically accurate. The smallest error or misplaced information triggers an internal warning bell to most customers–they might think you're a scam. 

2. Clean up your interface – I'm no website developer, but your interface can do with a slight retouching to make it more optimized. I did not check how it looks on mobile, but on my laptop, it looks like it can be adjusted further.

3. Emphasize your Grand Opening Banner – I can definitely understand the 20 second average of customers staying at your page because the moment they open up your site everything is on sale. This sometimes does the total opposite of generating sales. Customers might, yet again, think you are some scam trying to suck out money from them with your 'sale'. A little emphasis on why everything is on sale can probably do you wonders.

With regards to your systematic approach, I can see that you have tools that help you navigate towards the statistical standpoint of your business, but how are you doing with your Ads? Your email marketing? Your digital presence? 

If you have the time, I actually encountered a blogpost about Sales Automation the other day while I was skimming through a marketing forum. Basically, the entire process of actually systemizing your Ad placements, personalizing your email marketing tools, and automating literally everything that you might be doing manually right now (data entry, compiling leads, etc) can drastically improve your chances of actually converting these leads down into your pipeline to actual customers.

Additionally, with more time in your hands, you can think of better ways to execute your marketing campaigns rather than just pumping them all out and praying for a sale. To really get the ball rolling, you need to have full awareness of your supposed target audience, an amazing marketing campaign, and high-quality products that will convert paying customers, to long-term consumers.

Best of luck!

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Hi @Addyz 

Thank you for your reply. 

What I did was at first I tried the ad to the whole country and then I saw the statistics of which age group and from which part of the country are interested on the website products. And then I ran another campaign targeting the audience based on the report after that I began to get 140+ session in 1 day. I don't see anybody in abandoned cart actually as I think no body put anything in the cart or reached to check out. 

I can see some of the products popped up in shopify store as most visited products and I can really make an ad based on that. And I am not sure about the "Show people who visited your store in the last 30 days, a carousel ad of the best seller in your store. The data is refreshed on daily basis." mean as I can see people but I don't have their information how can I show that ? is it the session you are referring to ?

I will try Addyz but there is no option for free run at first. I would be glad if there was a trial. 


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Hi @bestsalespeak 

Thank you for replying

I don't understand  when you said Log into my store ? I don't understand. 

I haven't provided my email and password how can you logon without it ?

Anyway do I have to give you the credentials ? So that you can diagnose better ?


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