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Trigger Automation based on Sales Channel

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I am wanting to send automated emails to customers who make a purchase in a specific Sales Channel.  I use Active Campaign for email marketing with the Shopify deep integration connected.  I also use Zapier to make various connections and automations and I am not finding anything within either that captures the order Sales Channel even though the data is captured and reported in Shopify analytics. I can check with my developer about a custom API and wanted to see if anyone has figured this out without having to go that road. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Couple ways I've done this:

A) With Klaviyo you can set up the most automated solution, for example send an email template X days after ordering from a sales channel. I share some ideas and my experience with Klaviyo here:

B) If you want to first identify those customers, you can use Order Automator to automatically tag customers based on the sales channel of the order. Then once you have the customers tagged, you can import them into your email software to send them emails. My team built this app Order Automator and we do customizations so if you go that route and need additional functionality just let us know.

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Thanks JoesIdeas, It looks like Order Automator may do the trick and could be helpful in a few other ways.  I will add it to my store and give a test run and follow up if I have any questions or problems.  Thanks for the reply!