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Troubleshooting google content API feed

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I provide a Content API product feed to Google using the Google sales channel in Shopify.


A few days ago my account was suspended. On the merchant centre overview page I have the error "Shopping ads status: Missing product data". When I click on Fix Issues I see an additional warning next to products "Product data disapproved"


I've had a number of conversations with Google support but they just refer me to their shopping policies document, no-one can tell me what the problem with the data actually is.
Is there some way that I can troubleshoot the content API feed without Google support e.g are there logs I can look at or has someone assembled a list of common mistakes and solutions?
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The only way to resolve suspension issues is by checking all policies and ensuring you comply. Google will not give you specifics.


Here is my list:


And I recommend reading: 

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