TV advertisement - anyone does it?

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Anyone tried it?  The best way to go about it? 

Thank you!

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I had a client do that. They got on a TV show on NBC. They flashed a code on TV to access the Shop along with a web address. The TV watching customers had to provide their email address and the code to unlock the shop. Once unlocked they could buy the products. In one day, they did 13,000 orders and put $860,000 in the bank. 

It works. 

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TV Advertising works, its just expensive. 

Red Stick Spice is my wifes shop, but my day job is TV Commercial Production:


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Hey Serge,

I think your iPad cases are really cool, and being a huge klutz myself, the hands free thing is something I can really get behind. 

I think that advertising on TV can be hugely rewarding if done well. It can be very very expensive so if you're prepared to spend that money,  you just need to be sure about the when and where of the ad placement. I think that if you put ads on local news stations and the like, it might not be too crazy expensive and it would be at a time when people have either not left for work just yet or have just got home from work and are usually relaxing and catching up on current local events and whatnot.  Another thing is you could try getting yourself onto a local news station or morning show (or something like that). When you start getting hype where you're based, it will only spread outwards. 


I hope that helped some! 



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Hi Serge,


I love the cases! They're very sleek looking and don't look like your average case.  They look like something that can be carried around as a regular purse!

I agree with the post above that TV spots can very very expensive.  If your budget allows, then TV spots can be a wonderful tool.  Instead of TV I would suggest using social media and contests to your advantage.  Using Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about your product is not only free but fast!

Have you thought of sending out samples? Sending out sample to technology blogs can get things going.  I would suggest the blog below.  Having a well read blogger endorse your product can be huge!


Hope this helped!



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Guys, appreciate the comments and the compliments on the products. (Buy them while I have them! 😉 ). I know the TV can be great if done right. This is why I am trying to find someone who did it - the right way. I am not even sure that my product is a good candidate for a regular type TV ad slot. I read up a bit after I posted this. It is a specialized thing. So if I could insert myself into some sort of a Discovery Channel or TLC, etc. program about tablet computers, then probably yes, it would work.

The problem is I have never done this, and mistakes here are very expensive.

Re facebook and twitter. Do you personally use twitter to sell - and to buy, and if yes - how? I asked around, everybody says "use it", but when asked, they admit they don't. I personally do not like it. I have enough spam in my life.

Facebook - good for likes, etc. Not sure it drives sales at all. Again, chances are I do not know what I am doing. At best, people click through to the site, and then leave. JustLookers. 

Bloggers - yes, I sent out samples; some just vanished without a trace, with no review. Some bloggers and magazines posted articles; yes, there was a spike of visitors, and probably some resulting sales, but nothing dramatic.   I did a very expensive Press Release - not sure it helped at all. Possibly moved me up in Google order. 

Ali, I read a bit of the blog you recommended. Interesting, thank you. Found some good educational bits.

All in all, I feel I need an enthusiastic PR/marketing/sales person to do this. Not a firm, but a specific person. 





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Hi Serge, some good ideas presented above..may I sugest the following?

1. TV advertising is much the same as other forms of advertising in that it shouldn't be the only 'channel' you use to reach your prospective customers. Advertising campaigns are the way to go if you really want to jump into this space.

If you do, may I suggest TV and cinema combined. This lets you target specific audiences and people have a 20% better recall of brand when using these two mediums together.

For both, bargain the best you can. I have always found that paying for spots on the condition that I receive an almost the same number of bonus (free) spots (station or cinema run spots run at their choice), can be quite cost-effective.

2. If we are talking about marketing your cases via an ecommerce site, my suggestion is to use targeted Google keywords campaigns linking back to your site. Hey, even try Facebook advertsing. Make sure you use a cost per click strategy and pre-determine what your daily spend is to control the dollars. Adwords will help with identifying the correct keywords, whereas I've found Facebook absolutely brilliant for localised marketing to specific demographics.

Marketing can be a minefield Serge, but I've found that by establishing a brand and brand character and then sticking to it throughout all marketing and communications activities to an identified target audience always delivers results. It's better to spend your hard-earned dollars on a campaign aimed at people who have a need for your cases (target audience) than trying the canon fire approach using TV or newspapers (sales reps from these mediums will argue otherwise - just mention search engine marketing and watch them sink into their chairs!)

Supplied edtorial to key publications and newspapers (try local community papers) and media launches are another sure-fire way of achieving cost-effective promotion of your product - but that's another story!

Good luck and best wishes. 

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Serge, I feel the same way! Whilst I haven't tried TV advertising because it's very expensive, I've considered it. I've put a lot of effort into social media especially Facebook. Yes, Facebook brings 'fans' and traffic but they're not actually buying. I've also reached out to bloggers- most end up not doing the review for various reasons or their reviews don't bring in sales. i'm still trying to figure out what works in terms of marketing a product-based online business.
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Thank you,  Mark. Agree re key publications, etc. I have posted some thoughts and results of our efforts, see the link in my reply to Victoria. 

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