Twitch Advertising Opportunity!

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Hey all!

I've run an e-commerce business in the past and after working in digital marketing I realize how tremendous of an opportunity Twitch advertising can be for your business. Right now there are over 1 million people watching people stream anything from working on cars, playing video games or talk shows! As a small business, you can use this audience to catapult your brand into sales and traffic with the 18-34 year old demographic on Twitch.

I've created Dough. Dough is a platform that connects you with these streamers to create and manage multiple relationships to scale your Twitch marketing campaigns. Right now I'm testing this idea with a few sponsors and am looking for more. During this first month, I'm doing all of my work for free without any fees. I'm doing this to gain a better understanding of the marketplace and determine the best way to help sponsors make the most of their Twitch campaigns and best represent both sides.

I am here to talk about how these things can help your brand and have an engaged discussion about Twitch marketing.

Has anyone run marketing campaigns on Twitch? What other channels do you use that are similar? What tools would you want to see in a platform that helps you manage Twitch marketing at scale?

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