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Hi, I hope this is the correct area for this question. We were checking our site speed on Pingdom and realized there is a Twitter-related redirect we have no idea where it is coming from. I contacted Shopify who told me it is above their pay grade (!!!) and to post in the forum to see if anyone else had this question - so much for customer service. I digress.

This is the redirect in question, copy/paste from the Pingdom speed test result:

Remove the following redirect chain if possible:

When you go to that url, it is a blank page. Looking at the source code for the page, you see:
<meta chartset="utf-8">
<title>Twitter Widget Log Helper</title>

Problem is we can't find out why this is there, or where it is loading from. There is no snippet in the theme files or anything in the theme liquid files related to it as far as we can tell. Has anyone else come across this issue and know how we can remove that from the site?

Thanks in advance and Happy 2018!

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I'm also interested in this if anyone can answer.

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HI We also have the same problem. No tweeter account at all, and for no reason we have the same issue on all our page. Shopify think its "normal".. ad that ther is not impact on SEO perf.. But 600Ms to upload an all our pgae is quite a lot for nothing and no reason!


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I have done some more digging and it might be related to the theme you use. If the theme has the ability to display a Twitter feed, that might be the cause of the redirect even if you do not use the feature. I contacted our Theme developer but could not get much help. It might be in a js script file, which I won't edit because I am not sure how to handle the code.

Does your theme have this feature?

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Use screaming frog to analyse from where this urls are getting called. Let me know if you need any help.