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Two IDs for the same pixel... idk whats going on.

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Hey everyone!


So I have an odd problem. I created a pixel and installed it on my store. Ok great.


I logged on to another facebook account i have to play with my other store, page, ads, etc, but the other pixel showed up in my assets with slightly different data, and a different ID!


I know this is the same pixel because I was logging into this 2nd account to create another pixel and add it to a different store. I know I only have ONE pixel with any data at all at the moment.


So, one pixel with two IDs on two different accounts and a slight variation in data.


Any idea?


Thank you!

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Why do you think it's the same pixel if it has different data and a different ID? Unless you shared the pixel between accounts or from your Business Manager, it should not show up in your other account.

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