Two questions about product images

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Hi all,

My first question is more general, how do you guys make product images when there are several products. Like, in a package?
Usually my customers order multiple products per order, because it's electronical stuff and you cannot work with one single component.

So I would like to offer the most combined/sold products in packages. Any tips on how to bring 4-5 products in one product image?


Secondly, I have a problem with my variant product images. I have many variants of a package but I cant manage to show the product variant image related to the specific variant that is selected. All variant pictures are just vertically stacked and it scrolls down to the selected one. Link:

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Hi @baki_c63

From my experience, my customers usually do this: 

  • Have one image for each product/component and use product variants, so on your Product Page, your customer can select variant A -> see Image A -> Add it to cart, then select variant C -> see Image C -> Add it to cart. All without leaving the product page. You can also consider using Product Option Apps to present your customers with more flexible choices. 
  • Regarding the 2nd question, to get your variants work correctly, check out this tutorial: 

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