Two webstores, two lanuages. How to differentiate them in Google?

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I have have a webshop in my native lanuage. I have felt the need for a page with English text and international currency. (As we know Shopify does not provide the opportunity for multi language pages) Therefore I have had to set up a second website/shop for this.

But how will this affect the search results in Google? Will it somehow punish me?

Then someone search for my product, will they see results (product) in both languages? -And pushing down other of my related products?


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I think this Shopify article can help you:
(, because you need to use hreflang tags to make sure that the correct site is displayed when a user finds your store using a search engine like Google.


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That hreflang guide by Shopify is awful for SEO and may do more damage then good. It is suggesting to canonicalize all pages on a store to the home page of another language. Each page should canonicalize to their respective version. How this is done will depend on how your store domains are setup. If you have a .com and, the RIGHT hreflang setup will be:

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-au" href="{{ canonical_url | replace: '.com', '' }}" />

Taken from my Shopify SEO guide.

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