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Unfair Google review of a physical store - how would you respond?

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What would you do?

Hi  we had a one star google review for one of the physical stores.  I have spoken to the staff member who is horrified and somewhat distressed. I am confident the review is unreasonable and a misrepresentation. However saying so is of course is a no-win situation. We actually pride ourselves (including our team members) on having the best service and most knowledgeable team in our defined space in Australia so this stings. I am curious as to what others would/have done in this situation.

Worst possible service available. Sales lady would not stop a conversation with a guy for atleast a hour whilst ignoring all the customers. . I gave up and left ... never again miss a grade... far to much red cordial.. Sad thing is i was about to purchase x2 bibs and x2 tops and shoe covers and all i wanted was some quick advice on the 200 dollar bib shorts

At the time I understand there were 4 customers in store and actively helping them (most of  our sales are highly assisted by knowlegable staff who are cyclists and know cycling clothing), she had spoken to him up front and he had wanted to look around himself, she did see him at the counter and was trying to get back to him when he left. Time in store around 15 minutes. She asked another customer at the time if he was OK with the wait and he said he was fine.

What would you do? My issues are bad review and upset staff member - though think have addressed the latter.

How would you word a google response?

Anything else?


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You have so many typos - that I think you are very distressed!

I believe this is a fake review, sorry I have no clue what to do. I would google fake review pages from Australia only, maybe it's forbidden. Otherwise I would simply reply to her that you don't understand why and explain your point of view. We all know that fake reviews good ones and bad ones exist and most readers know which is which.

Who is the reviewer - a competitor?

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I would answer something like (you probably could write it better): "We are taking every review serious, after the Investigation we did, it appears that you were only 15 mins in the store, and our staff helped customer that were there before you, we are sorry for the feel you left our store and would love to see you in our store again."

Make the bad reviews to work in your favor, you can offer some kind of discount or if you yourself work in your store, you can tell them that you will help them personally, bad reviews don't mean much unless you have a lot of them and they talk about the same thing (if a shop have 1-2 bad reviews, as a customer i don't mind, i understand that you can't always be perfect and there will be always misunderstanding between the sides)

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Me to, I read bad reviews first but take them with a grain of salt.