Unified Media Library Pools - also for Marketing?

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From "What's New at Shopify": MAY 08, 2023

Unified media library pools
We’ve unified files across content/files and products! This means that product media is now available within the files section within content in admin. This is a big step towards media centralisation across Shopify. Furthermore, we're launching a few features to help make unified file management easier. First, we're adding a new Used-In column in the content/files section where you can see if a file is being used across Shopify. This includes files in Metaobjects, Products, and Brand Settings. We have also added a corresponding "used_in" filter to help easily find files used by products. Finally, in the online store editor we are introducing a new file selector. This new modal allows merchants to save views, filter within the selector itself, and easily toggle between different types of media as applicable.

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I think this is great, however, if you have more than 6 thousand product images and you usually work with the Marketing tool, having this "centralisation" is a pain... I usually re-use images (dividers, titles and such..) for our email blast.. but with these changes, I'm browsing thousands of images to find the one I need. Is the file selector also going to work in the Marketing section? Thanks.

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