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I just got my site up and running and have been reading about writing unique content and have run into an issue.  Does anyone have some suggestions about writing unique content for similar products?
Example:   Pet Beds that have different colors and fabrics but basically the same bed!


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Mark! 

Jenn here from the Shopify team 🙂 

Writing content can be mind numbing! Especially if you've written it once and are looking at it while trying to re-write the same basic description for another product. My first piece of advice? Be kind to yourself! Writing takes time and thought! 

Do you have friends/family who you could show a picture of the product to and ask 'How would YOU describe this if you were trying to sell it?' Sometimes, hearing someone else's words will help you with your own. 

Consider moving parts of your sentences around and changing the direction while saying the exact same thing. For example, you write "This type of bed is typically a mattress type of bed which provides orthopedic support. Consider this type of bed if your dog is older or is experiencing joint pain ". You could also say "Does your older dog experience joint pain? This mattress style dog bed will provide orthopedic support for your favorite pooch."

Basically, what's happening, is you're opening up the many ways that someone may hit your website via a search engine by providing a number of combinations of ways that your first words will be viewed. 

You may also consider looking for a creative writing workshop - as silly as it may sound - to help tap into the ways you can get really unique in your content creation. It's an investment in your brand and product!

Lastly, look at hiring content writers if it's in your budget so you can focus on other parts of your business 🙂 

Hope there's some help in there for you somewhere!


All the best!
- Jenn 
Shopify Guru


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Thanks for the info. and yes it's very daunting at times.  Are there any places I can go for self help in content writing?  
Thanks again!!!


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There are many ways through which you can write unique content for the same product, and some of them are mentioned below - 

  • You can write about the same product’s different or unique characteristics often because they all are having different things to represent.
  • You can see how your competitors are doing or mentioning the same project, which will help you write unique content.
  • You can write about the same product through different perspectives, like one from the buyer’s end, one through the seller’s end, and any other view if possible.

If you want to hire a team who can do this and many other things for your brand, then you can contact Propel Guru, a digital marketing and sales agency.