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Hi all,


I am currently building a store targeting audience in the UK. It has yet to be published and is protected with password.

Throughout building the website, I have noticed an unusual traffic from the United State, up to 70% from lowa. 

I have only started sharing my website link few days ago. Has anyone encounter something similar?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey John,


Please consider the locations that you have shared the link to your site.


Also, I will need more context to help you troubleshoot this. 

- Are the visitors performing any actions on your site?

- Are the visitors clumped together at a particular time(s) or evenly distributed throughout the day/week/month?

- Where have you shared the link to your site?

- Have you considered the possibility of Google indexing your site and people finding it on Google?


Let me know how I can help you further, looking fwd to your reply.

This is an accepted solution.

Hi @Cycc

Here what I'd do in this case: 

  • Go To Google Analytics Report (If you don't have it yet, I suggest that you set it up, should take less than 10 minutes) 
  • Go to Audience report -> Geo -> Examine Bounce rate and Pages/Session of traffic from USA. If the bounce rate is over 90% and pages/session is around 1 or less, it might have been that your website was under a bot attack. 
  • Go To Acquisition report -> All Traffic -> Channels -> Other, select Landing Page -> see if there is any landing page containing "bot-traffic" (GA will automatically detect it) . 

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

Using these 02 approaches can help you determine whether your site got hit by bot or not - if not, may be your content simply resonates better with audience from Iowa  

Bot traffic is generally harmless, you just need to exclude it from your GA report so that you can have the most accurate view of your website performance - there are lots of resources and tutorials on how to exclude bot traffic on GA so it should not be a major problem. 

Let me know if my answer is of help with a thumb up or like  

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