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Hi All,

I have been working on including my keywords in texts, titles, meta data, alt txt but when I run a SEO keyword report, what I get is the keywords from the shopify template (eur, sale, price, etc)

What am I doing wrong that my keywords just don't show up?




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Hi Miltokas,


It seems like the issue you're experiencing is with the SEO keyword report tool you're using rather than with your website's content. These tools typically scan your site to identify frequently used words and phrases. In your case, the tool is picking up common terms from your Shopify template such as "EUR," "sale," and "price," and mistakenly identifying them as your primary keywords. This is a common issue with automated scanning tools, as they can sometimes misinterpret template language as relevant content.


The good news is that this doesn't mean your actual keywords aren't present or being indexed correctly by search engines. It's more about the report's algorithm not distinguishing between template-generated content and your intentional SEO efforts. You can safely disregard these findings in the report regarding template terms. For a more accurate analysis, consider using a different SEO tool that allows you to specify or exclude certain terms, or one that better differentiates between content and template language.


Hope that helps, and keep up the good work with your SEO!


Best regards,


Lee G

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