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Hi there. 


This is my last resort so I hope someone is able to help, even though I saw a post with zero replies, having the same issue.


A little background. The 8th of May we migrated to Shopify Plus from a home build shopping system. The transition was very good and super smooth. 


Since we have around 1500 SKUs (sell wines) we have decided to implement a filter, using BoostCommerce Product Filter & Search, which I have seen several posts whitelisting as one of the filters that are actually good for SEO.


Long story short, 5 months later, here we are, having major issues with the majority of our collection pages. Everything, and I mean, everything, is in order from a SEO perspective. We have unique texts, titles, meta, schema markup etc. Yet, Google Search Console displays this for a huge bunch of our collections.


Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 09.32.06.png

If you have a look at /all and /cognac - there is absolutely no indication that these two pages should be having the same content. 


I am at a loss here. I have had a professional SEO agency on the case, feel that I know quite a lot myself, contacted Shopify Plus support, had developers looking as well. No luck.


Please help! 🙂 

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The possible cause is you set your All and Cognac collections to list similar products. If it's not the case, you can also try this app https://apps.shopify.com/ultimate-search-and-filter-1 that gives you better SEO, list products and other advanced features.