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URL Redirect Tracking

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Is there any way to track the traffic coming from one of my URL redirects in Shopify (or Google Analytics)?

I have created the redirects within shopify and and trying to see how many people came from a certain redirect.

I created it by going to Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirects > (the old path > redirect to)

Example, I created a print ad in a magazine and gave a specific URL (old path) to take them to (redirect to homepage).  I can see the traffic for the homepage, but I dont know how many people came through the old path:

Was wondering if there was any way within Shopify (or any other method) to figure that out. Please help.


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The redirect is done on the server so only shopify can provide that information. And I don't think they do.

You could redirect indirectly via a urlshortner that does provide traffic stats. I think does.

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When looking around for a solution to this same problem I came across this post, so I thought I would offer my solution for anyone else that comes across it. My solution was to use UTM campaign query strings on the redirect. This will then track the data under Acquisition in Google Analytics.


For example, if I had a URL in a print ad for "" and I wanted to track how many people used that redirect I would put "/myredirect" in Shopify's "Redirect from" field, and then in the "Redirect to" field I would put my URL with UTM codes, such as: "/pages/newpage?utm_source=localtimes&utm_medium=newspaper&utm_campaign=my-campaign-name" 


In this case, when the visitor gets redirected the campaign data will be recorded in Analytics with a campaign name of "my-campaign-name", a source of "localtimes", and a medium of "newspaper". Obviously you set those variables to whatever makes sense for you.

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Hey Justin,


Yes, I think the best solution it to use URL parameter tracking. That's generally the best way to track traffic from external sources like newsletters. If you want to create one, you can use this tool:


If you want to make the URL cleaner, you could set up a clean URL page that redirects to the tracking URL.