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Last year my website was created in Wix with a domain name purchased from GoDaddy. Very recently I had to change my domain name due to reasons beyond my control. Due to this I created a new website with a new domain name in Shopify and this is now active. 


The issue I am experiencing is my old site is still currently live with WIX and I will soon be looking to get rid of this, however, ideally i'd like all URLS for my WIX site to redirect to my new site in Shopify. 


What is the best way of doing this?

Do I need to remove my domain from WIX, add it to Shopify as a secondary domain and add URL Redirects? At the moment I only get the option of redirecting from my current shopify site to other areas on my current shopify site. If I add my old domain as a secondary URL can I then use the request path from my old site?


If not how is this best to be completed? 



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Hey, Abbie!


My name is Lizzy and I’m from the support team at Shopify.


You're correct. You would want to add the domain, that you need to redirect from, to your Shopify admin to be able to create the new URL path. You can either point it to Shopify and keep the domain hosted where it is, or transfer it to your Shopify account.


Once the domain is connected you will be able to add the redirects under Online Store>Navigation.  This is to ensure that you have access to the domain that you're setting up a redirect for.


If you have several links that you want to set up new paths for, you can add the details to a CSV and upload them in bulk. This area of our help page has a sample CSV you can download. 


The paths will work on any domain attached to your site. For example if you have mysecondarydomain.com/about and would like to to redirect to myprimarydomain.com/pages/about, you could set up the redirect for /about to lead to /pages/about. Then if a customer enters myprimarydomain.com/about or mysecondarydomain.com/about, they'll get sent to the right place. Let me know if this works for your set up, or if you have any questions about what I've explained!


There are also ways to redirect a URL outside of Shopify, but if your domains are hosted in and pointing to multiple places, this could get complicated.


How have you been finding the transition to Shopify from your existing site? Are there any features you'd like to see, or have questions about? Let me know and I'd be happy to elaborate or pass your suggestions to our development team!


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @Abbie_S 

As a former user, may I suggest you an available option that once helped me to migrate my store from Wix to Shopify. It's an automated migration tool developed by litExtension, great to know that its Wix to Shopify app has recently become trending app  on Shopify App store. Previously when I migrated to Shopify using the tool, I chose the 301 redirect option to redirect my old product and categories URLs to Shopify. Before, during and after migration, they'll keep you old store (Wix) alive so you can have time to inform your customers about the switch before you officially remove Wix.

Well, in your case, I think you'd better choose the option SEO URLs migration as it can help you to migrate Products and Categories URLs. Old URLs will be saved in Shopify and maintained to keep all current SEO ranking you have built up for years.

For more information about what else can be migrated, they have demo feature if you want to know more about the migration process.

And yes! they have enthusiastic 24/7 support team so don't hesitate to contact them at anytime.

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Dear Abbie_S,


Go for migration including product,customers,content,order history etc.

Then do 301 redirect  

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There is a common misunderstanding about how domain traffic works when migrating your store to Shopify. When you're migrating from one platform to another, the overall goal is to move all the same content and point your existing URL paths to the new matching page on Shopify to retain your existing search engine rank, bookmarks, and embedded links on the internet and on your internal website. The process is simple but hard for some to stick to. You should move page for page 1:1 content must match 100%. This means product detail pages, collection landing pages, content pages, blog pages, and your home page. All of those pages have content, metadata, and a 301-Redirect from your canonical URL to the new Shopify handle. 


Once you have all of that in place you will then connect your domain to Shopify. This consists of an A Record and a CNAME record only. Should you decide to change your root domain name then you would also connect that domain name to Shopify. Meaning you can connect multiple domain names to Shopify. You cannot have your domain on another platform like Wix and a Shopify site with the same domain while still retaining your existing Google Rank. 


If you need help migrating your website to Shopify, then reach out to us at Pelican Commerce (Shopify Experts) for full-service migrations specializing in Keeping Your Existing SEO Rank.