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Use display:none to hide product description text cause SEO problem?

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We can have text and image in the description we input in Shopify so I tried to hide the image (but show text) using display: none on my page in DIV A  and in other session hide the image and show ONLY text in DIV B.

How I did is:

/*shopify description code {{ product.description }}*/

<div class="prd-descn-text">

my text here


<div class="prd-descn-image">

my image here


/* in the upper part of the product page - show text ONLY*/

<div class="description no-prd-descn-image" >
          {{ product.description }}

/* in the bottom part of the product page - show image ONLY*/

<div class="description no-prd-descn-text">
          {{ product.description }}
<style> .prd-descn-text {
} .prd-descn-image {

My question is, will I be punished by Google for hiding or duplicated content? Google can see the repeated text.

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Hi @Joe_Lau ,


I don't think Google will penalize you, but depending on the amount of text you have, you have run into a keyword stuffing problem. And that is something you want to avoid.


I suggest you rethink how you are going to code your site, can you share a link of what you have and what you would like to achieve?


Talk soon,


Talk soon,