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Use of JSON-DL

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Hello all, I'm trying to optimize my SEO (don't really know all that much to be honest) for my website. I've done all the Google Webmaster things and I stumbled across Rich Cards. That lead down the rabbit hole of JSON-DL and I found a few apps that claim they can add this data to my website.

Would you recommend any of these apps? If not what do you recommend for improving my SEO?

Thank you,

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Note that structured data on your pages does not currently affect ranking. It can cause rich snippets or rich cards, imrpove your site link search box if you have earned one, or add to your knowedge graph panel if you are lucky enough to have one. And it probably helps Google understand your content better, which has to be positive.

With all these apps you need to do more than blindly switch them on. I checked one and the site was duplicating much of their markup in microdata and json-ld, some data was inconsistent, and the json-ld version was missing ther important review information. Google says it's fine to mark upi n several ways, but you need to be consistent, and they will probably chose one over the other. In the case for the one I checked, it could mean they would lose review stars.

Google has stated they prefer json-ld, but they fully support microdata. The preference I think comes from the ease of implementation. They found people struggled to get microdata right.

However Bing does not support json-ld yet. So if Bing rich snippets are important to you, I would stick with microdata.

Your theme probably already has some microdata present. You can test your pages here:

You do already have product and review markup. I see a few minor issues. You are getting price rich snippets but it looks like reviews and stock status are not working. 



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Tony thank you for the thorough reply! After reading what you said I did a little more research and decided to pass on buying one of the apps. I've found some useful info on adding json-ld snippets like title, logo, and social links to my theme and have been checking it with the structured data testing tool. Thanks again for the help!

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Hey Gage,

I'm the developer of JSON-LD for SEO so I get these questions a lot.

Tony's post is right.

Rich Snippets and to a lesser extent, Rich Cards are the major benefit of JSON-LD. They make your site more visible in the search results.

JSON-LD and microdata will not help your rankings at all (at least currently). It might help you get some additional click throughs with the rankings you already have but that depends on your SEO competitors. e.g. if your site is the only one showing rich snippets with product information and reviews, it will stand out on the page which could attract more clicks.

A Shopify-specific benefit has to do with themes. Many themes come with limited or broken microdata support so someone can either pay a developer to fix the theme, try to fix it themselves, or use an app. This can be even more of a problem if someone changes themes because their microdata would change too.

(There's another benefit of JSON-LD in that you could create software that programatically crawls and uses that public data. I've only had one customer who does this but in his case, it's pretty useful indeed)

Looking at your structured data Gage, I think you're good to go with the JSON-LD you added. I don't see any product review data but since you're using Shopify's Product Reviews app that should be exported on a product with reviews. (Though at this time I know there is something funky between Shopify Product Review's microdata, Google, and what might be a Google algorithm update).

If you ever have a question on it, feel free to ask. I work with JSON-LD and on customer sites everyday.

Eric Davis

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I'm going trhough the same issue! would you mind sharing your other forms to include JSON LD in your shopify?