Using free products to build list

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Hello everyone.

New to shopify, but been doing free product list building for years in several ways. I've found the best way is to offer a free product for 'sale' with a notice that they will be added to our list when they 'buy' it.

In the past, I was able to assign a customer to an autoresponder based on the product they ordered. That storefront system was overall pretty bad, though, hence the reason for the shift here.

But I do miss that functionality. I know I can manually go in and add the customers to my list, but would prefer it to be automatic. The autoresponder was really nice too.

FYI-I am using digital downloads app with the link set to email only, and shopify email.

Is there any way to automate with what I have, or do I need to get more sophisticated with my apps and get something like constant contact?



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