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Hello Shopify Community, hope you are doing good.


I sell instrumentals to rappers and would love to use a youtube video on my sales page made with gempages where they can listen to the instumentals.

Reason: I can track the watch time and remarket them with youtube ads.


However, I'm a little bit concerned that the conversion rate will drop because they might end up clicking on the video, checking out youtube or clicking on recommended videos.


Is there any chance to insert a youtube video but remove the title or clickable links? Is there any other video platform  / html player that allows me to insert my video into my landing page and you only have a time line without any extra links or titles?


Thank you very much!

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Check out


They will automatically convert your Youtube videos to a clean player without any additional commands or recommended videos.


You just need to contact them and see if there's a way for you to still track the watch time and remarket, I'm not sure if that's possible.

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Wow, swarmify looks cool! Thanks for posting it!


As someone creating a video app for Shopify, I'm curious about hosting options. I could provide it myself, or find a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use service to do it.

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The Video element is the important thing with the conversion rate for your landing page. With any page builders for Shopify I believe you can find "HTML" element. Youtube has "iframe" thing which you can insert through HTML element of the page builder. So to adjust the settings of iframe use this a little bit advanced settings of Youtube


You can configure iframe of the video such as control and other stuff.


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If you have the time to craft a YouTube channel for your business or personal brand this can be a great way of creating value. If they click on the video and watch it on YouTube and they see more videos about you and your business it will be easier to get a higher conversion rate. This is similar to what happens when you have a Facebook ad and people click on the profile picture.

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