UTM tagging - No marketing apps were used to facilitate this session.

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Long story short - in May 2022 I started google + facebook campaigns and everything went well for a while. I was able to see everything clearly in Shopify reports (money spent, sales, etc.).

But now, there is absolutely no report regarding my campaigns (started from google channel and facebook channel). 

When I go to see the conversion details of an order resulted from ads, I can only see UTM tags for google (nothing for facebook..), but there is the message "No marketing apps were used to facilitate this session." Here is a screenshoot.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 10.55.16.png

Google channel was also updated on 12 September and my add was upgraded from Smart Shopping to PMax.


Shopify support has absolutely no idea how to fix it and they send me to google - google is sending me back to Shopify.


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The UTM parameters in your screenshot are identifying the specific smart campaign that the order is attributed to. All of your active campaigns on your Google Ads account must be showing their respective count of conversions.


Shopify has a collection of marketing & conversion apps on the Shopify app store. The message that you highlighted is about this collection of apps. It's okay to have the message - "No marketing apps were found" when the order did not come through any specific app. You can always directly look into your Google Ads account or Facebook ads to find out the conversion counts.


If your conversion counts are properly appearing in your Google Ads account, then you should not be worried about the message "No marketing apps were found". It's more important to have the conversion data in your Google Ads account so that the same can be used to further optimize your campaigns in the future.

I hope this helps.

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