Very high traffic no sales

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Hey guys. My store focuses on a specific tech brand. Its is called I am gettinng atleast 2,000 session a day, 30-40 add to cart and 20-30 payment info but no sales.... What can I do to start converting this huge amount of traffic? I think im pretty close but nit selling is make me frustrated.
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Hi @Charles97 


First off, great looking store with some cool gadgets!


Upon looking at your store briefly, I may suggest some things:


  1. Add some more description and benefit driven descriptions on your product pages
  2. Your check out page does not have a logo, this is very important as a trust factor
  3. Add some social proof if you have any to your products or pages

Where is your traffic coming from? 

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Hi Charles,


You have done a great job setting up a great looking store.


I did a quick search of one of your products on Amazon and found this. It is a lot cheaper on Amazon.

Also your shipping policy says it takes at least 10 business days. With Amazon Prime in the US, I can get the product in two days.


Is there any way you could offer your product with a more competitive price and faster shipping?
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Hi, @Charles97!


I'm Miles from the Social Care team at Shopify.


First of all, to mirror some of the other responses, your store looks really good. It can be a little disheartening after putting lots of effort into your business to not see any rewards. I've taken a look at your store and am happy to offer some tips to you.


Analytics are going to be your best friend, as they will always be able to guide you in the right direction. When we talk about conversions, we need to look at your conversion percentage. You can find this by going to Analytics > Reports and viewing the "Online store conversion rate". This is calculated by looking at the total number of online sessions vs how many sales you actually made. To get a quick snapshot of this, I would recommend viewing the last 30 days. I've attached some example screenshots below of an example store we use for testing to show you where to find the reports I've mentioned.



Next, we want to work out what a good number looks like. This can have a few factors such as the industry and your store model. For ecommerce businesses (i.e. only selling online), the standard average conversion would be around the 2-3% mark.


To help you understand what goal you want to aim for, let's focus on the Add to Cart conversion rate. Ideally you'll want to aim for 10% Add to Cart conversion.


Different things can impact the success of this rate. The most common of all would be customer targeting. If a business owner doesn't have the right target customer narrowed down, the Add to Cart rate will suffer greatly no matter how incredible the site or product might be. I'll dig into this a little further as I cover marketing below.


With that, let's talk about marketing. What kind of marketing activities are you doing at the moment? Are you marketing to the right audience? These will have huge factors into you converted sessions. When you're marketing, think about who you want your customers to be! Think about:


  • What age demographic am I looking for?
  • What country/regions are my customers most likely to be from?
  • What are my customers interests?

If you narrow these down to the right customers for your products, you're on your way to a winning formula.


Also, utilise the massive market provided by Facebook and Instagram. Build yourself a loyal following using those platforms. It's more than just spending money to market to people, but more about spending the money to market to the right people, who will be repeat customers and speak well of your business.

Lastly, I notice your contact details are currently an gmail email address. Have a think about utilising a contact form instead, where your customers can fill out their details, and the message will be emailed to you. You can find more information on creating a contact form and adding it to your menu right here:



I want to make sure you're set up for ultimate success, so I've listed a couple of great resources below for you to take a look at. I recommend checking them all out when you get a chance.


We're always here to help, so if you have any questions at all, please let us know!

Miles | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@Charles97 ,

If you are having a lot of add to cart but no sales. You should definitely start notifying your customers when they abandoned your cart. This can be done in many ways. You can send them an abandoned cart push notification or an abandoned cart email. This will reduce your cart abandonment. Not only this you can also start rewarding your customers with loyalty points when they come back to recover the abandoned cart.

For getting more sales start using a loyalty program and referral program to entice your customers. It will help you build a loyal customer base. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like signing up, allowing for web push notifications, make a purchase, visiting a store and many more.

This will help in doubling the sales as when you give loyalty points to your customers they will come again on your store to make a purchase in order to redeem those points. You can give rewards to your customers to redeem those points.


If you would like to implement all these I would suggest you to install It has all the features in a single app and is a fully integrated app. It is all in one Shopify app. Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.


Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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I recently came across an e-commerce platform called Opporty and I really liked it. This website allows users to publish guest posts on their blog for free. 


The submission process is pretty simple. You simply register on the Opporty platform (which is also totally free) and pitch your article via your personal account, or send texts to the Opporty team. 


The great news is that you can embed links to your website in your guest posts. This is a great way to get more traffic, improve your online image, boost your domain authority and backlink profile, and move up in SERPs. 

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Due to high demanding question over high traffic but not getting any sales, I have summarized some basic points in my article for beginners to boost your webs store and increase your sales.


Please check and reply to me if you need further assistance.

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Yeah, I can see why that's frustrating, that's a crazy amount of traffic for not receiving any sales.   The good news is, since you have the traffic flowing you've solved a major problem that most stores spend quite a bit of time and money to now you just have to tackle the problem of conversion rate optimization.   As with any bootstrapped business, you'll want to focus on solutions that you can manage within your current budget and that will give the biggest bang for your buck....over the shortest amount of time.   Then, you can reinvest the money from those results into other initiatives to further optimize for conversions and even draw more traffic.


Question, are you an expert regarding the products that you're selling?  Do you have experience and knowledge that you can share around those products?  If so, you have everything you need to help convert about 12K of those 60K visitors you're getting per month based on the numbers that you're showing.   Where do I get that?   There was a study done by NNGroup (See study here) that attributed about 20% of ecommerce failures to lack of clear product information or unavailable product information.   You can fill that gap if you have expertise around the products.


Everybody knows you need a good product description (if you don't, you need a good product description) work on that..but here's a few other things you can do:


Product Videos


Have you seen the conversion rates from brick and mortars vs ecommerce sites?  Brick and mortar stores are crushing ecommerce as far as conversion rate.  Well, how can you provide a BETTER experience than those brick and mortar stores?  Answer: Your product expertise and the ability to make one product description video for all.   The downside to brick and mortar is many times you're dealing with a retail salesperson on the floor that many times doesn't know a ton about specific products....they work at a pretty low hourly rate and the customers feel that when trying to find in-depth product information from a knowledgeable source.  This is your time to shine, make a great video selling the heck out of the product and be super informative so they trust you and get everything they need.   


Product Questions and Answers


There's a reason why ABOVE the product description, Amazon has a little field that asks the visitor if they have a product question.  Why is that?  Because product questions and answers convert.   For example, Answerbase (a Shopify product question and answer app) has case studies where up to 75% of the product questions asked and answered convert to a new sale.   This allows you to engage the user in a very natural way.....allow them to ask their specific product information question before they bounce to Google to ask....and then if you've answered the question already it'll pop up automatically to convert the sale.  If it isn't available, they can take a last simple step and post the question to you so you have it for the future.  By the way, you ALSO get their email address in that process that you can use to market to them moving forward.




Speaking marketing to them moving forward, if you don't know what remarketing need to.  When your customers visit your site and specific products on your can have Google Adwords drop a little cookie in their browser and then anywhere they browse throughout the internet where Google's Ad network is integrated (which is a ton of websites) have the power to get product-specific advertising in front of their face.....showing them details/images of the product they've visited on your site.   This helps ensure that if they get distracted by their kid, dog, or a funny cat video that their friend just shared with them on social can get their attention back and convert the sale.



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Hi @Charles97 


Your site looks very nice. However, I think you should add some push to visitors to make them be motivated to open their pockets. 

1. Show the real-time add to cart actions and purchases: 

 I know that your add-to-cart actions on your site are pretty big, why don't you show it to your customers to impress them. There is a FOMO (the fear of missing out) when a customer knows that others are adding their preferred items to carts. Seconds, with the existed purchases, let show them on store site. Customers will feel your store busy and trust you more. This is a kind of social proof. 

A Sales Pop app can do this for you. 



2. Offer free shipping: 

Customers will abandon carts easily due to unexpected shipping costs. Instead, try offering free shipping with/ without total value requirements. For example, free shipping for every $100 order.
You can do this instantly with Free Shipping Bar app like
Of course, there are also quite many things to optimize CRO. However, I highlight two points above to improve the conversion rate quickly. 

AVADA - Solutions for your Shopify Store.
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Hi @Charles97 ,

There are several reasons why your visitors are not converting.

Your website is currently unavailable, so it's hard to drill down into specifics at the moment. However, you can check this post on how to reduce Shopify cart abandonment rate on your store.

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it sounds like there is poor purchase flow on your online store. Users are intended to buy but there is something which is diverting their mind not to buy your products. Focus on boosting your customer experience, and make it easy to make a purchase on your site. Make the process easy. Social Proof Notifications  are a simple and genuine way to capture the attention of your site visitors that other customers purchasing products, Build trust while building urgency to purchase your products. Social Proof tools are latest marketing strategy and that works to increase sales and conversions of website store.

Try for free & optimize your landing page.


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